Courtney Blake


Courtney Blake, a talented singer-songwriter and natural entrepreneur, wanted to find a way to combine these two passions. So in 2014, she co-founded Plaid Flag Music to help other aspiring songwriters and make a positive impact on the music industry.

“It’s like a game trying to get songs cut,” Blake said. “So for me, it was amazing to see how, when someone gets a song cut, it can change the songwriter’s life and other people’s lives just through music.”

Blake has always been creative — she danced for 16 years and began playing guitar and piano when she was very young. This love of music attracted her to Nashville, but she spent her first two years of college at Southern Methodist University in her home state of Texas.

Blake finally moved to Nashville for an internship in 2012 and was accepted into Belmont University, where she graduated with degrees in music business and entrepreneurship. A driven, kind and passionate businesswoman, she wanted to learn everything she could about the music industry and ultimately fell in love with publishing.

“I loved the whole songwriting process seeing how excited the writers would get from writing the song to demoing it to being in the studio and just seeing all the energy,” she said. Inspired to improve this process for both herself and other songwriters, she founded Plaid Flag Music with her sister Kendall Warren. “We're a family company,” Blake said. “So anyone that’s going to work with us, we’re going to treat you with respect and work as hard as we can for people we believe in.”

But in order to forge a name for herself and her company, Blake has put her own musical dreams on hold for the last few years. Now, she is finally getting the chance to focus on becoming an artist, as Warren takes on more company leadership and Blake transitions into a role as a Plaid Flag writer. Her music offers a classic country twang, clever lyrics and generous dose of sass that are rooted in her influences — Faith Hill, Martina McBride and most of all, Shania Twain.

And while Blake is now heading in a new direction in the music industry, her intentions remain the same.

“All we want to do is work hard so that we can bless people and make a difference in Nashville,” Blake said. “My biggest thing is showing people you can be a good person and succeed at the same time in this very complicated industry.”