At first, Jared Scott’s story sounds almost too perfectly Nashville to be true, but one listen to any of his songs proves his Music City success is well deserved.

Scott was born and raised in Buckner Missouri. A rural farm town, 45 minutes outside of Kansas City. Exposed to music at an early age, Jared grew up on The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and just about any mix-tape he could get his hands on.

Shortly after he graduated high school in Kansas City, Missouri, Scott moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of songwriting. 

“When I lived up there, I was doing a lot of the artist stuff. I would open for people and do a lot of work with the big country radio stations, so I always had this game plan that I’d move to Nashville. So I just kind of went for it, started meeting people and writing, and everything just fell into place for me,” said Scott.

In Missouri and during his first years in Nashville, Scott’s songwriting focus was primarily country, but with Plaid Flag behind him now and his appreciation for country storytelling, and pop melodies he’ll get to write more pop music and work with other writers in Los Angeles and New York City.

Whatever the genre he’s writing, Scott brings personal details into his songs to create a more intimate experience for his listeners. 

For him, Nashville is full of inspiration.

“I get a lot of ideas from personal life experiences and from things that my friends are going through or talking about. Sometimes, I hear people talking at the grocery store and think ‘Oh, that’s kind of cool.’ I think I’m a listener, so I get a lot of my ideas like that,” said Scott.

That’s especially evident in Scott’s appreciation of co-writing with artists and producers to create a song. Though he’s an exceptional songwriter on his own, his ability to collaborate during the songwriting process gives Scott’s songs a creative, almost immediately familiar quality.

His songwriting talent hasn’t gone unrecognized around Nashville, earning him the 2017 ASCAP Foundation’s Leon Brettler Award, landing him gigs around town and allowing him to write with some of Music City’s most highly sought-after artists. Despite his success, you won’t see Scott settling for recreating the same work he’s done in the past.