Kendall Warren


Kendall Warren was born to be an entrepreneur. Graduating from Belmont University in May 2017, she and her sister, Courtney Blake, work together at Plaid Flag Music.

A lifelong athlete, Warren grew up in New Braunfels, Texas playing tennis, volleyball, and basketball. She began her college tennis career at Texas Tech University but transferred to Belmont University after her freshman year. At Belmont, she continued to excel as an athlete and a student — playing tennis and achieving Dean’s List and several academic honors. By the time she graduated with both a business and journalism degree, she was already involved in several investment projects, working as a realtor and co-owning Plaid Flag Music.

Warren’s knack for business is in her genes. Her father was an entrepreneur — along with much of her extended family — and they instilled valuable entrepreneurial skills and ideas in both Warren and Blake.

“I always want to help solve problems or figure something out to make situations better and I think that’s a key to entrepreneurship,” Warren said. “I look back and realize that I was so blessed to grow up in an environment with that.”

While Warren always loved music, she never planned to apply her business experience in the music industry. But, since joining her sister at Plaid Flag in 2017, she has become an integral part of the company, bringing her financial acumen, positive attitude and level-headedness to the team.

What most sets Warren apart is her commitment to the integrity of the company and her tremendous dedication to each of Plaid Flag’s writers.

“I want them to see me not just as the person partnering with them, but the person that is going to go fight for them all the time,” she said.

Warren is beginning to take more day-to-day leadership at Plaid Flag so that Blake can focus on her own dream of becoming a writer. However, Warren continues to make her mark in other ventures around Nashville, whether it’s in real estate, other music projects or adding to her sizable collection of sneakers.

“I am not the kind of person who could kind of do one thing,” Warren said. “I'm kind of like a squirrel and I know that when I see something that’s shiny, I need to go after it.”


In 2019, Kendall Warren launched her own website, creating a melting pot of her four biggest passions: Music, Sports, Sneakers, and Entrepreneurship.

In August 2019, Kendall launched her first podcast, Warrented: Women in the Entertainment Industry.

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